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board games
3 months ago

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Sandis Flatcher
3 months ago

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helened berniced
4 months ago

It perfect mobile!

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Igna cio
4 months ago

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Kelly R Support Agent
3 years ago
Kelly R Support Agent
4 years ago


1.  It is not issue. It did not find this issue in my demo site. I think you made parallax block with WPbakery defaul element.

2. I checked my demo site in my mobile, but did not find white space issue. 

Regards, C-themes

Twan Roubroeks
4 years ago

Hi there,

I have another responsiveness issue on my webpage.

It seems like it's very hard to edit mobile sites with WPBakery without this extra responsiveness plugin.

My question is about the "Parallax blocks" that use a container with a extra class name "clearfix".  The background photo's seem to be not responsive for mobile (see video that I made, attached).  Is there custom css available to fix that?

Second problem is the white bar on the right that keeps coming up there. It seems it has to do something with one of the sections, being not optimized for mobile. Perhaps it's 1 and the same problem, but I don't know now. I wish the page would not be able to move left and right from the content. More css for that?? 

Thank you so much for having a look!!