Adding locations maximizes CPU and kills website

Panagea - Hotel and Tours Booking WordPress Theme Panagea - Hotel and Tours Booking WordPress Theme January 27, 2020
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sara jane
1 year ago

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robert niles
1 year ago

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linda dieggoo
1 year ago

hi, can i run Panagea wordpress on my drift hunters mapquest directions site?

Kelly R Support Agent
3 years ago


I tested it in my end and it is working well and it is not Panagea theme issue. Because it is wordpress default feature.

Please try to change location, etc in edit tour page. Not in quick edit.

Best Regards,

Wolter de Haan
3 years ago

I am running Panagea wordpress on When adding locations (I have around 15 in Thailand) and adding them to a tour, the whole system crashes because it's eating up too much CPU. I have added 3 screenshots to show what's the problem.

1. Adding location (this works without a problem)

2. Adding location to the tour and saving (this is the issue, CPU maximizes and my website stops working instantly)

Deleting the location and creating a new one with the same name works, but I don't want to have to delete the location and add a new one every time I add a tour. Also because the post ID changes and that means changing links everywhere on my website. Can you please help me and let me know how to fix this?