Few questions about the theme

CityTours - Hotel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme CityTours - Hotel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme December 06, 2018
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Kelly R Support Agent
5 years ago
Kelly R Support Agent
5 years ago


If you want to add a new custom post type, please edit ct-booking.php file in ct-booking plugin.

And it is difficult to add a custom post type and make it like tour, because tour has lots of features, such as search engine and booking engine, etc.

Adding closed special dates feature is the same. Because booking engine and search engine should be changed to do it.

If you want to customize CityTours theme, please contact wow.kingdev08888@gmail.com.

He is a supporter for the customization service, but it needs extra charge.

Regards, C-Themes

Steven Page
5 years ago

First of all the theme looks great and does a lot of what we need. 

I have a few questions about features and/or workarounds. 

- Adding a Custom Post type  - 

We want to add shows with the same functionality as tours. What is the best way to do this and is this possible to do easily. 

- Unique Closed or additional tour dates - 

For tours and or shows some times they are closed on certain holidays or days. And sometimes certain days have unique shows added. 

First - what is the best way to hide or show a specific date is unavailable. 

Second - How can we add a unique show to the list. 

Right now you can do times and dates available through the week which is nice and simple. But what if we want to add or take off a special show or tour on a specific date.