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"Caroline Lewis"
3 months ago


Please can you also tell me of what the difference between Modern and Default versions of the Theme are.

I searched all through the installation notes to find out and also on your site, but couldn’t find an answer/explanation.

I downloaded the Default version.

Should I have downloaded the Modern one for Wordpress instead?



"Caroline Lewis"
3 months ago

Thank you for coming back to me.

The 3 plugins are all requesting license keys for each one of them.

The theme is not downloading the demo import data.

When I press edit on any of the pages within the screen, they either tell me that there is a fatal error on the site and/or bring up a white screen.

They do not let me edit/copy pages to create new ones to personalise the site.

I am using wordpress 7.3.

I changed the timeout to 300

I changed the php activity to be open so that this wasn’t an issue.

I was very excited to use the Theme and to start loading it.

But it has not been possible.

Please can you help me with this.

Many thanks


Kelly R Support Agent
3 months ago


Travelo theme package includes those package and you can use them without activating.

We have not license of those plugins. You can not activate them with the purchase code of Travelo theme package.

What is the issue with the plugins?

And please tell me what error you got when importing demo content.

If you can not use Travelo theme, please ask refund request in

We will accept it.

Best regards,

Caroline Lewis
3 months ago


So far I am really dissappointed with this theme.

Although I bought the whole package with support it says that I have not got licenses for mailchimp, metabox and slider revolution.

There is no mention beforehand that you HAVE to have licenses for these three plugins for the theme demo import and site to work.

I updated the php time limit, as instructed in the instructions, but I am still not able to import the files.

Most frustrating for me is that although I can see that there are pages there, I cannot edit or copy them to make them my own.  The site says that I have a critical issue and am unable to.

It shouldnt be this complicated to install.

Bizarrly I have never had to put in my purchase code id into the Theme to activate it, like I have had to do with others.  

The site I am trying to use Travelo on is

It would seem that the files I have downloaded are corrupt.

I would really urgently appreciate your assitance.

MAny thanks

Caroline Lewis

Caroline Lewis
3 months ago


I have just bought Travelo Theme and have installed it onto my site.

Following the instructions in the theme documentation, I have installed and activated the Required plugins, however the Meta Box plugin is not recognising the activation code which came with the licence.

I understood that all required plugins required for the theme were included with the theme.  Having rechecked your website and the documentation I cannot find anything to say to the contrary.

Please can you assist me with this.

Many thanks

Caroline Lewis

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