i cant make book or view tours that i made

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James Carlo
1 month ago

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ward rose
1 year ago

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zeeshan ullah
3 years ago

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. 

fix this problam pzl

Kelly R Support Agent
3 years ago


It was a permalink issue.

Please check again.

And you sent me admin credentials via public message.

Please change password.

Best regards,

3 years ago


u_name : east_africa_admin_user

Passwd : east_africa_password_2020


Kelly R Support Agent
3 years ago

Please give me admin credentials.
Let me check your website.

Best regards,

3 years ago

i created tour in the tour menu and i added every thing and it show in the tours home but when i try to access it get the 404 error and i don't know if there is something that i did wrong but i followed the documentation that came with thats all

Additional Info

Your Website Url: https://eastafricacorporatereservations.com