Cabines association in the Them

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Kelly R Support Agent
4 years ago
Kelly R Support Agent
5 years ago


It is difficult to change cruise category like you said.

To do it, we should change search engine and booking engine, etc.

So I can not help you sort it.

Thanks for your understanding.


Gapin Corinne
5 years ago


The site is perfect for my purpose except that I phase an issue on the Cruises.

I got some dicussion by mail sometimes ago but I still do not find the way to manage in effecient way tehe Cabin types. 

When you open the Cabin type and add a new one, the cabin is asociated to the cruise. In fact majoraty of cuises are changing every week programs and name. This mean that I have to duplicate for evry single new cruise same cabin many times. This is a large job and big number when you imagin that a same ship can do 50 cuises per year and have 20 different cabine types.

The way I was seing it is to get an association with shipname and then you create your cabin only once. This mean also to create a cruise ship (as a taxonomy) of course belonging to a cruise line. This will also allow when you create a new cruise to have a Ship slection and not a free text.

This finaly also mean that for Vacancies, we have to get a new field between cuise and Cabin type name ship name.

If I purshase your them it is because I ma not a specialist in programming. However I was thinking that was native .

Can you tell me how to sort it out please?

I do not know if I am the first to ask the question.


Kind regards