I want to know how to change....

Lorada - Responsive Elementor eCommerce Theme Lorada - Responsive Elementor eCommerce Theme January 08, 2021
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Amand C Support Agent
1 week ago

Hi  Hong Jaii,

For the first question.

We can't understand correctly what you want, Anyway, you can enable/disable those features on lorada theme option panel.

For example, you can disable the search icon on theme options->header->search element like screenshot,


And you can disable the other features on theme options->header->other elemtns.


For the second question.

That multi-language dropdown menu is compatible with WPML plugin.

If you want to set your multi-languages, please install wpml and set your languages.

But if you want to make only your local website, you needn't make multi-language website.

For the third question.

You can edit the social links on theme option->social settings.


Empty fields will not be shown. So please add your links on only fb and lg.

If you have any other problems, please let us know again without hesitation.

Best Regards, C-Themes

Hong Jaii
1 week ago

Thank you for your detailed reply, it is very helpful to me. But I still have a situation I want to resolve.


I want to know how to set this content.

1. Language

2. Features

For example, I want to set up a registered account here, login function, cancel search button


I installed the Google Language Translator plug-in, can I set it in this area?


How to set up the social accounts here? I only need to set fb and ig.

Hope you can help me solve the above problems, thank you!

Amand C Support Agent
2 weeks ago

Hi Hong Jail,

Happy New Year! And thank you for your purchase.

1: Which options and text do you want to change? Please let us know in detail.

2: Current multi-currency & multi-language menu are just static html to show demo.

If you want to set the real menu content, you need to install some plugins.

Multi-language menu is compatible with WPML, so if you install and set your languages, current static language menu content will be replaced with your set languages.

And multi-currency menu is compatible with "WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher" plugin.


If you install this plugin, you can set your currencies.

If you want to remove these menus, you can disable these on lorada theme option panel->header->other elements like screenshot.

https://prnt.sc/wj19nm https://prnt.sc/wj19u0

3: User registration page will work well normally. If it doesn't work, please enable the "anyone can register" option on wp-admin->settings like screenshot.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

Best Regards, C-Themes

Hong Jaii
2 weeks ago
This 3 question is about the menu for pic
Hong Jaii
2 weeks ago


i'm using the Jewelry Demo,i want to know how can i I change the options and text? Where can they be set?


Currency conversion and language translation function, how do I set them?


How can i set the Membership Registration function?