Lorada - Responsive Elementor eCommerce Theme Lorada - Responsive Elementor eCommerce Theme April 06, 2021
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Amand C Support Agent
4 days ago

Hi Nadhya,

To change the shop page title section background, please follow the next steps.

1: Please go to admin->pages.

2: In there, please click the "Edit" link on shop page.

3: In the page setting field, you can see the page heading background image field. 

Please remove the current image or upload your image.

And for the purchase icon problem.

Could you share your site admin info? We think you installed some third party plugin which is related to the product add to cart.

We need to check in detail. After that, we will let you know the reason.

Best Regards, C-Themes

Nadhya Marquez
4 days ago


My webpage is  I want to replace the background image where the shoe is appreciated. Please tell me the steps to follow to edit this section since so far I have not been able to change it. 

In addition, the purchase icon no longer appears on the products, it was misconfigured. 

I'll be waiting for you response ,