update WPBakery Page Builder.

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John Rock
17 hours ago

To update WPBakеry Pagе Buildеr, log in to your WordPrеss dashboard, navigatе to the Plugins sеction, locate WPBakеry Pagе Buildеr, and click Update. Ensure you have a backup before moving. If you еncountеr any issues, consider going out to the plugin's support or consulting with distinction essay writers for еxpеrt assistance. Kееping your plugins updatеd is crucial for sеcurity and functionality.

Maria Garcia
2 years ago

Solucionado, gracias

Kelly R Support Agent
2 years ago

Please download the latest version of WPBakery plugin from https://c-themes.com/plugins/js_composer.zip

Best regards,

Maria Garcia
2 years ago

No puedo actualizar WPBakery Page Builder. está en la versión 6.05 en lugar de 6.6!

Tengo problemas importantes en la versión web, anchor text, etc., y creo que es por esta causa.