Wanted to integrate Local payment gateway

LordCros - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme LordCros - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme May 02, 2021
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anna stark
3 months ago

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Lokesh kumar
4 months ago

I am planning to buy the Landcros theme, I want to integrate the Square payment gateway. 

Kelly R Support Agent
1 year ago


Customization is out of support service.

Thanks for your understand.

And you purchased a long times ago. We can not give you refund.

Best regards,

owais noor commented privately
Kelly R Support Agent
1 year ago


Unfortunately, LordCros theme supports Paypal and Stripe payment.

Best regards,

owais noor
1 year ago

Hi Team.

As you may know that PayPal will no longer offer domestic payment services in India now I wanted to integrate "razorpay" payment gateway in the template. 


How can I do that please tell me without this payment I can't use this theme as I wanted to integrate domestic payments.

i want this payment option in my dashboard.

Please help. 

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