Change placement of Size Chart

Lorada - Responsive Elementor eCommerce Theme Lorada - Responsive Elementor eCommerce Theme September 09, 2021
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Davonteh Sanford
2 days ago

I highly appreciate your hard-working skills as the post you published have some great information which is quite beneficial for me, I hope you will post more like that in the future



Amand C Support Agent
2 weeks ago

Hi Abhishek,

First, we can change the product info summary positions as you want.

But to do this, we need to modify PHP code via our developers. Because we don't know well about PHP language.

If you can pay some extra budget, we will contact our developers and try to help you.

And next, you mean you want to change the website language with your local language?

To do that, you need to install Wordpress translator plugin and translate lorada theme folder and lorada-core plugin folder.

Then, you can translate your website.

We recommend the Loco translator plugin.

If you have any other questions, let us know again.

Best Regards, C-Themes

Abhishek Shah
2 weeks ago

In the product page, the Size Chart link appears after the Add To Cart button (next to social links bar) which is counter intuitive considering the user should be able to find the button before selecting or during the size selection process. The main reason for my complain is that in most screens the share button & size charts appears after the fold, and only the size and add to cart buttons appear above the fold. So technically a user can add items to cart without ever seeing the size chart link.

How can I change it's position?

Also, is there any way I can change the text to be localized with my store language?