How to include license to my project

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Keith Mett
2 years ago

By default, when you create any original work, that work is copyrighted and only extremely limited rights are granted to others. If you're creating a project that you want other people to be able to use, you must use a license to grant them legal permission to do things with it. Otherwise, it's a violation of law for them to do simple things like copying it or using it as part of a project they're working on.


Kelly R Support Agent
2 years ago

What is it?

I can not understand your issue.

Please send me your website url and cpanel information via private message.

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Fritz Kuhn
2 years ago

To the right of the file name field, click Choose a license template. On the left side of the page, under "Add a license to your project," review the available licenses, then select a license from the list. Click Review and submit.

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UNo Knight
2 years ago
My website being redirect attack, I think will have not enter license. Please help me enter license. I don't find in wordpress admin panel.