i can not import demo data ?

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James Ali
6 days ago

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suka nobi
8 months ago

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jenny trippi
11 months ago

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Aaron Ramsdale
11 months ago

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John Patterson
1 year ago

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samuel darden
1 year ago

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james zen
1 year ago

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board games
1 year ago

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Mohamed Magdy
1 year ago

Hello , i have dedicated server and iam the provider, it was 2 GigaBytes and the same problem and the same error appears !

Kelly R Support Agent
1 year ago

Hello, Please contact your hosting provider to increase Max Upload Size. Then you can import demo. Best regards,

Mohamed Magdy
1 year ago

Hello ..

i can not import demo data and i need it urgently !

here is the screenshoot :




everything is ok .. i need help please .. thanks