what does the panagea booking plugin do on my website

Panagea - Hotel and Tours Booking WordPress Theme Panagea - Hotel and Tours Booking WordPress Theme November 01, 2021
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cline dejesus
5 months ago

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coca hary
5 months ago

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anna stark
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Jimmy Anna
6 months ago

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Artemis Jobs
7 months ago

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Kelly R Support Agent
1 year ago


Those plugins are used with Panagea theme.

You can not delete them.

Best regards,

mouazam bakhla
1 year ago

my website is www.bakhlatours.com,

i have extra plugins at dashboard of my website, i don't know whether they are being used or not being used by my website, if they are not being used by my website, i would like to delete them, please help me

below given are the 4 plugins

contact form 7

meta box

panagea booking


thanking you


mouazam bakhla

Additional Info

Your Website Url: bakhlatours.com