how can i install the update of the theme ?

Travelo - Travel/Tour/Car Rental/Cruise Booking WordPress Theme Travelo - Travel/Tour/Car Rental/Cruise Booking WordPress Theme April 30, 2019
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coca hary
2 weeks ago

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Israr Ansari
2 weeks ago

It is a very easy and convenient process to install the updated theme. To get the latest version of the theme and install it. I have downloaded the updated theme on my music streaming website

Food Safety
3 weeks ago

To update a theme, in WordPress, access "Appearance" > "Themes," click "Update Now" if available. For manual updates, replace the old theme folder with the new one via FTP. In Shopify, duplicate your theme as a backup, update through "Online Store" > "Themes," or manually upload new files via "Edit code." Always back up and check theme documentation for specific instructions. Use a child theme for customizations and test updates on a staging site to avoid potential issues on the live site.
This webiste is enable auto update like

jim willy
1 month ago

It is a very simple and easy process, get the latest version and install it. In this modern world, it is very important to provide the best themes for the users. Check and try this one if you want,

Israr Ansari
1 month ago

To update your theme, download the latest version from the theme developer, go to your website's admin dashboard, deactivate the current theme, and upload the new theme version. Activate it and test your website for issues. Address any compatibility problems and regularly keep your theme and plugins updated for security and performance. I played the Carx Street MOD APK Unlimited money game the website theme was outstanding and attractive.

geometry dash
1 month ago

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James Ali
1 month ago

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Paulojim mathew
1 year ago

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Kelly R Support Agent
4 years ago
Kelly R Support Agent
4 years ago


Please do following step to update the Travelo theme.

1. Download latest version from themeforest.

2. Activate another theme in administrator in your website.

3. Delete Travelo theme in your website via ftp.

4. Install latest version in your website and activate it.

5. Install/update required plugins in Appearance -> Tools menu or Travelo -> Tools menu.

Please confirm you did not change theme files in your website before updating.

Regards, C-Themes

Mohmed Abdelbaki
4 years ago

i want to update the theme to the last version can you help me?