Header menu changed after update

LordCros - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme LordCros - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme January 26, 2022
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2 months ago

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montana roy
3 months ago

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Marci Marci
7 months ago

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Moore Moore
7 months ago

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bla bling
7 months ago

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simit mark
9 months ago

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losine jii
9 months ago

Hi, I updates Betheme and since then the whole Header Menu as well as the action bar above it disappeared. 

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losine jii
9 months ago

It looks like after the update all of my page id's have changed to different numbers. Am I going to have to go through page by page and manually fix this now? krnl website

coca hary
1 year ago

I would like to appreciate the effort you have put into writing this blog. I hope you will have more quality articles in the near future.

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Nizamettin AKSU
1 year ago

Hello, I think due to some updates, the menu in the header layout 1 of the site has become the off canfas menu and it does not improve. It's the same even when I load the backup I made earlier. I made a demo import, still the same. I think there is a mismatch somewhere. What can we do? http://hotelkuluhana.com/

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