2 questions about pricing

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john smith
9 months ago

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sunny hall
9 months ago

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Nizamettin AKSU
9 months ago

Hello, I have 2 questions about pricing.

Question 1 -

I have added the following information for Akdeniz Villa from the Specialies menu and defined it to Akdeniz Villa. There is no problem on the reservation screen, but it shows the price as 0 on the regular villas page. Whatever date these prices are, for example, on 14.02.2022 today, the price should be £800. How can we price accordingly?

1 April-30 April £1395 1 May-31 May £1495 1 June-30 June £1695 1 July-31 August £2495 1 September-30 September £1895 1 October-30 November £1495 1 December- 31 December £800 1 January-31 March £800

Question 2

My client said they use a program called Reseliva for hotel pricing. He said that he wanted www.reseliva.com and prices to be automatically withdrawn from this program. I contacted www.reseliva.com and they sent me a code file and they said we need to add it to every page and it will work later. I am posting the code below. But I don't fully understand how it will work.

Additional Info

Your Website Url: http://hotelkuluhana.com/