Links (route) are broken after importing demo

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Flatley Richie
3 months ago

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katy swift468
4 months ago

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Laptop Guide
6 months ago

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candy mika
1 year ago

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seo expertim
1 year ago

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seo expert
1 year ago

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Hoa Lai
1 year ago

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Renaud Tedaldi
1 year ago


My web hoster (OVH) includes an /index.php/ to all urls, when using its wordpress one click module. It brakes template permalinks. After removing, their module and made my own wordpress ftp import import, it works.

Thanks for your help

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Kelly R Support Agent
1 year ago

Please save permalink again in Settings -> Permalinks menu.

Then all the links will work well in your website.

Best regards,

Renaud Tedaldi
1 year ago


After installing theme and updating plugins, pages are displayed correctly.

But after importing demos, all routes of the theme are broken, except home page.

This is the same behaviour for pages or tours.

I have access to pages and tours in worpress admin (see Tour_page.png)

I can edit a page or a tour (see edit_tour.png)

But I can't view it online (view_tour.png). When a page is in preview mode it works fine. But as soon as a page is published, route is broken.

Do you have a solution for that ?


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