Property Owner User Role & User dashboard

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Mira Sherronm
2 weeks ago

I think you need to have either a common group or role (like snc internal) bubble shooter if they need to access it from the instance. They would be able to see the widgets on the dashboard they have access to if you shared it with the public role and provided a link to it. Musab has offered some useful links related to the same query.

Lily Smith
1 month ago

They are all very old and out of date because backrooms they haven't been used in a long time and nobody has bought anything from them.

suka nobi
5 months ago

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Nathan Mccassey
5 months ago

Hi Team,

Just wondering if we could get an update.


Nathan Mccassey
5 months ago

Hi team,

1. I noticed on the product page of this theme you have Property Owner User Role I noticed in the option settings of the users there is an option to make them a "Business Owner" however there is no option to add a property from the dashboard or anywhere but from the backend of the site. Is there a setting I'm missing? 2. The user dashboard looks a lot different than this one: instead it looks like this: is this dashboard now default?

I can't find anything within the documentation or in the ticketing system.

Thanks kindly.

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