Tour order fields issue

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James Ali
6 months ago

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haris zehaan
1 year ago

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coca hary
1 year ago

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anna stark
1 year ago

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Asim Ciceksay
1 year ago


I have two issues. I have attach the orders page screenshot to explain it more clearly.

The first issue is the date issue. It shows 1970-01-01 for some reason but I have checked all the setting and date related fields and there is nothing wrong with them. How and where can I fix this issue.

The second and more important issue is regarding to this order page again. I would like to be able to view the number of adults and children who booked the tour but when I go to orders page under tour tab, it only shows the data that is shown in the screenshot. The only way for me to view the number of adults and children is to click on the specific order. That is way too time consuming and I have to be able to view that data on the tour order page.

I need help as soon as possible, please help me to fix these problems.


Asim Ciceksay

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