Plugin installation issue & licence validation process

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to die earn
2 months ago

monkey mart I'd want to express my gratitude for the blog, which contains a lot of useful information. Visiting your blog allowed me to find the information I needed, so thank you for that!

victoria emmy
2 months ago

Hi, I'm trying to validate my X license on wordpress, but I keep getting this message: Uh oh, we couldn't check if this license was valid. Details.

slope game

Abhijeet Johri
2 months ago

Okay i install the theme using enavto market and theme is installed correctly but when i click the message popup saying begin installing the plugin i clicked on it and the error came which i already posted for the 4 plugin
1. CTBooking
2. Revolution Slider
3. Slider Pro and
4. WPBakery Page Builder

Its a client project and i cant be able to start work please help and fix the issue

Abhijeet Johri
2 months ago

Okay there are two different problems one is that i dont know how to validate licence 
second is that while installing Plugins like CT Booking, Slider revolution, Wp Bakery Page Builder and Slider Pro i get the following message: - 

"Installing Plugin: CTBooking

Downloading installation package from…

Download failed. Not Found"

Kindly check the attachment please and help me to solve both of my issues.

Thanks and regards 
Abhijeet Johri

kronnkisa jone
2 months ago

Have you encountered any error messages during the installation or license validation process? If so, please provide the exact error message(s) you received. Are you using a license key for the plugin? If yes, ensure that you're entering the license key correctly and that it matches the plugin version you're installing. Please describe the steps you've taken so far in attempting to install and validate the plugin. This will help me understand the context better. MyAARPMedicare Login

Abhijeet Johri
2 months ago


Plugins are not installing it says Downloading installation package from…

Download failed. Not Found

Kindly fix the issue 

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