please help me i have been looking for so long on how to change this and i cant figure it out

Panagea - Hotel and Tours Booking WordPress Theme Panagea - Hotel and Tours Booking WordPress Theme July 08, 2019
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Kelly R Support Agent
4 months ago


1. You can edit it in HTML block. Please check and

2. I did not understand the 2nd question. Please tell me more details.

Regards, C-Themes

Chinwe Onwudiwe
4 months ago

hello i cant figure out how to remove or change the title of the pages. i submitted the image i would like to reove panagea and just put about or blog or anything. please your help would be so much love

.i have another question as well. i would like this sited to be use for house sitting petting sitting. so i want home owners and and people that house sit to be able to find each other and book appointments. is this possible with this theme. any way first question is the most important thank you