Tour types bug

Travelo - Travel/Tour/Car Rental/Cruise Booking WordPress Theme Travelo - Travel/Tour/Car Rental/Cruise Booking WordPress Theme July 16, 2019
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Kelly R Support Agent
4 months ago


Past time, I said you can not set multiple tour types in one tour.

Travelo theme has not such feature. We are going to add it in the future.

Regards, C-Themes

Ioannis Sampsonidis
4 months ago

There is an annoying bug on the theme. Every time I edit a tour, its tour types that I have set via the quick edit get overridden and I need to set them again.

For example I choose via the quick edit 4 tour types for a tour. Then I normal edit the tour, to change a text , a picture or anything else, and when I save I find only one tour type active. 

I can anyway only set multiple tour types via the quick edit, not via the normal edit, and I guess this is what creates the problem.

I have sent tickets about this issue multiple times in the past. At some point you will need to fix the main edit and allow it to use the control button to choose multiple tour types like it happens with every serious dropdown list...

Please advise...thanks