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Bigcart eCommerce Theme Bigcart eCommerce Theme August 13, 2019
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Margarita Cano Mirando
4 days ago
Sorry, I forgot the screenshot
Margarita Cano Mirando
4 days ago


Some are of the son theme and others are not.

If you correct things in the subject father and I will arrange them in the son.

I don't know if you have to make major changes to the theme or just change the text with the version

It would be better if you made a general update on the parent topic, the child theme is a matter of each user.

I prefer that you make updates on the parent theme when these changes occur in wordpress and woocommerce and I would take care of the child issue, which is where I made all the changes. 

 Thank you.

Amand C Support Agent
4 days ago


The problem is happened in your child theme.

Please send your site URL and admin info. Then, I will fix this problem quickly.

Kind Regards, Amand

Margarita Cano Mirando
5 days ago


A new woocommerce update has entered and some pages have become obsolete.

I send you a screenshot

Thank you