Hotels with no vacancies - can i make them on-request

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Anna Plebanek
1 year ago

Hello Flemming,

Maybe try to push contact form on the sidebar.  I chose this option and it is ok, what is more, I know where the form was embedded.


Kelly R Support Agent
1 year ago


Unfortunately, if you do not add vacancies for hotels, they will not be shown in the result.

Please edit trav_acc_get_search_result function and trav_acc_get_search_result_count function in /wp-content/themes/Travelo/inc/frontend/accommodation/functions.php file to do it.

And then please edit /wp-content/themes/Travelo/single-accommodation.php file to booking button and add booking request button in single hotel page.

Regards, C-Themes

Flemming Handberg
1 year ago


If a hotel do not have a vacancy, i would like them to show in the results (except if they are booked) - and instead of a booking button i would like to have a on request button, where a customer can send an e-mail requesting if the hotel is available ?

how do you do that ?